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A Must Read Book By Shana Cole about how she went from being a fugitive to creating a million-dollar empire. This book isn't just one woman's story about how she got her happy ending, it's her tell-all.

Sushana bares her soul on these pages about her life in hopes that her story will inspire

you to not give up- regardless of what your situation is.

As long as you are alive and well, you have an opportunity to make alleast one choice that can change the course of vour life for good.
It's up to you to get out of your way and increase your faith. Sushana invites you to join her as she reminisces about the wild ride she calls her life, where you'll learn so much about her. More importantly, you'll realize that you also have what it takes to live a prosperous life.


Reviews on "On The Run"

Jervene B.

This book is a most read, shana is indeed a young lady born favored and hand picked by god. She reminds readers that our past and present situation, dont determine our future .

Enrick M.

Its a must have, very interesting and motivating story about a strong Jamaican Woman

Allyssa W.

Absolutely Love The Book. You Are So Inspiring Queen.

Felicia R.

I ordered the book and I also got and actual response from the Author. Having her response meant a lot to me. However, the book was a good read and it was funny.. I read about 6 Chapters in a few hours. And I have to finish the remaining chapters.. I also like real stories and real results. This book is a good read.

Gabria L.

Lots of gems were given basically on how to bounce back from whatever life throws at you. The most important thing I learned is stop running and face especially your deepest fears never regret anything in life all for your good.

Je’vaughn B.

Wow, just wow! This was such an emotional and roller coaster journey! It has proven again that God gives the hardest battle to his strongest solider. I’m just so happy how you handled and maneuvered your situation. ✨You are THAT GIRL✨